Interview with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík – Founder of AgriSciences Platform

Let´s have a look how the time went with AgriSci-UA via interview with its founder.

Thank you for joining us today, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík. As AgriSciences Platform was this year supported by Czech Republic Development Cooperation via Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic are excited to learn more about the AgriSciences Platform. To start, could you tell us about the inception and development of AgriSciences Platform over time?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík: Thank you for having me. The idea for AgriSciences Platform emerged from a collective desire to support and empower young teachers, researchers, and students in the field of AgriSciences in Ukraine. It was clear that there was a need for a centralized platform that would facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among academia. The idea began to take shape in the early stages of 2018, and after meticulous planning and consultations with Ukrainian universities, the platform taking its shape and officially it was launched 2021. The reason behind that was, that we were continuously working in Ukraine since 2015. And we had there projects ever since. Among them Strengthening scientific capacities and cooperation of Ukrainian universities in AgriSciences, Interuniversity cooperation as a tool for enhancement of quality of selected universities in Ukraine, Support of young university capacity in education and research and science activities in Ukraine, International Credit Mobility: Cooperation between Czech Republic and Ukraine, Strengthening of capacity building in quality assurance and science at SNAU and SSU, Promotion of harmonization of the Bologna higher education system of agricultural universities in Ukraine.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has posed significant challenges for various sectors. How has the AgriSciences Platform been affected by the war, and how has it managed to continue its operations despite these adversities?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík: The war in Ukraine undoubtedly presented us with unforeseen challenges. We face logistical issues, communication barriers, and uncertainties in the academic landscape. However, the resilience and determination of the team behind AgriSciences Platform allowed us to adapt and find innovative solutions. And also, we are still “benefiting” from experiences from COVID-19 era, where we also had to move everything online. So, we leveraged technology to bridge the physical gaps and established virtual communication channels to stay connected with our partner universities and members. It was crucial for us to keep the platform running during such difficult times, as knowledge sharing, and collaboration became even more critical for the progress of the agrarian sector in Ukraine.

The AgriSciences Platform sounds like a valuable resource for the academic community. Could you highlight some of the most significant ways in which the platform has proved to be useful to young teachers, researchers, and students in the Agrarian Sciences?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík: Absolutely! AgriSciences Platform has proven to be a game-changer for academia in Ukraine. One of its primary benefits is the seamless exchange of information and research findings among members, enabling them to stay updated with the latest developments in the field. The platform has fostered interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing researchers and students to connect with experts and peers from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the AgriSciences Platform has opened doors for joint research projects, facilitating access to funding opportunities and enabling the sharing of resources and expertise. It has truly become a nurturing ground for the growth and development of young talents in the agrarian sector.

That’s impressive! Before we conclude, could you share any future plans or visions you have for the AgriSciences Platform?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík: Certainly! We envision the AgriSciences Platform to continue expanding its reach and impact. Our goal is to engage more universities and academic institutions in Ukraine, creating a robust network of collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are keen on enhancing the platform’s features and functionalities to make it even more user-friendly and interactive. Additionally, we aim to organize more events, workshops, and webinars that promote skill development and innovative research in the agrarian field. This year again we are planning multidisciplinary research grants for researchers, so they can further develop their research ideas. The platform’s success lies in empowering the young generation of researchers and educators, and we will continue working towards that goal with passion and dedication.

I have to also add, that we are very grateful to the Czech Republic Development Cooperation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for their financial support. This was also invaluable for us.

Thank you, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík, for sharing the inspiring journey of AgriSciences Platform with us. It’s evident that the platform has made a significant impact and is poised to make a difference in the future as well. We wish you and the team continued success!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hynek Roubík: Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure to discuss AgriSciences Platform and its mission. We appreciate the support and recognition, and we look forward to advancing the platform’s contributions to the academic community in Ukraine and beyond, especially in times like now.

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