AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine

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We connect universities and research institutions!

The platform aims to strengthen the capacities and cooperation of young teachers, researchers and masters and doctoral students at selected Ukrainian universities by creating a platform – AgriSciences Platform for sharing information on Agrarian Sciences.


Members of the platform

Sumy National Agrarian University

…is a state accredited higher education institution which trains highly qualified specialists for agriculture with profound learning of foreign languages and computer science. The structure of University includes 8 faculties, one Institute and five colleges. The university is actively engaged in cooperation with local and foreign partners.

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Sumy State University (SumDU)

…is a state accredited higher education institution of a classical type located in the city of Sumy, North-Eastern part of Ukraine. Educational and research activity of SumDU is comprehensive and embraces a wide scope of areas from engineering and ICT to natural sciences, medicine and humanities. The University currently offers bachelor, master and PhD degrees

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Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University (DSAEU)

…was established in 1922 and the University is among TOP-10 in agricultural education of Ukraine. There are 7 faculties and 6 colleges, 17 directions of education for Bachelor and Master levels, 9 PhD courses and 4 post-doctors courses at the University.

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Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (BTNAU)

…is a powerful research and education center with the history dating back to 1630. 6 faculties of the University offer education in agronomy, land resources management, forestry, geodesy, economics, veterinary medicine, bio-technology, ecology and water resources, law, linguistics and post diploma training.

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Kharkiv National Agrarian University (KNAU)

…is the oldest agrarian university in Ukraine which was founded in 1816 and specialising in managing/providing education and research. KhNAU mainly oriented on the education of rural youth and working with rural communities, as well as on scientific research, in the field of sustainable rural development.

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

… is a public university in the capital city of Czechia. Currently there are 27 public universities and 2 state universities in the Czech Republic. Both public and state universities are financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Currently the university has more than 18 000 students (10% are international students), 6 Faculties and 1 Institute.

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We connect teams from various fields!


Solidarity Economy; farmers cooperation; rural areas; pandemic; social, economic and environmental effects

Socio-ecological-economic aspects of organic farming

Organic farming; “socio-ecological-economic” triad; sustainable nature management; agrosphere; organic production implementation

Bioenergy processes of waste recycling

Biofuel; digestate; phosphogypsum; sewage sludge; waste recycling; energy crops; reclaimed minelands

Laboratory of Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Stress

Signal mediators; nitric oxide; carbon monoxide; polyamines; reactive oxygen species; heat resistance of plants

Winter wheat variability by grain productivity and quality under local conditions of Ukrainian North Steppe

Winter wheat; variety; yield; protein; gliadin

Geophysical research methods in agriculture

Water leakage, regulating pond, channel, irrigation system, geophysical methods, environmental risks

The Impact Of Agricultural Cooperatives On The Sustainable Development Of Rural Communities

Agricultural cooperative; sustainable development; ecology; socio-economic development; rural community

Sustainable development goals in agriculture and responsible investment

Sustainable development goals; responsible investment; agriculture; Zero Hunger; integrated management

Investigation of the process of soil compaction by wheels of tractors working in the fields

Tractor wheels; soil compaction; soil density; crop yield

Sustainable development policy: EU Countries Experience

Sustainable development, economic component, ecological component, social component, European experience, rural areas

Biological and ecological features of Ginkgo biloba L. cultivation and development of prophylactic medicines and functional nutrition

Ginkgo biloba; ecology; medicin; extracted; organic; seed

Advanced technological solutions for modern agribusiness

Agrotechnics; quality of technological operations; changing of the climate; moisture content; soil density; plant residues.

Regulatory, legislative and organizational support for the implementation of the principles of organic farming

Organic agriculture; politics; laws; organizations; subsidies; action programs

Improving the elements of corn growing technology for biogas production

Corn, biogas, mineral nutrition, green mass yield, plant growth regulators

Combined Use of Pre-treatment Methods under Anaerobic Digestion

Bioprocesses; Pre-treatment combinations; Anaerobic digestion; Substrates; Cavitation; Electrolysis

Environmental assessment of overburden storage sites

Dumps of overburden; dust spread; fishing granite deposit; soil fertility; bioindication; ecological danger

Assessment of socio-economic effect of the ecosystem services among artificial forest stands in the Steppe zone of Ukraine

Forest plantation; function of forest stands; forest management; sustainable development

Changes in the nutritional value of cow milk during summer heat stress

Heat stress; dairy cows; welfare; milk quality

Evaluation and improvement of cereal grain quality by nutrient value

Evaluation and improvement of cereal grain quality by nutrient value

The system for a seeder that allows to carry out processing by inoculants during sowing

Biofertilizers; inoculation; Glycine max; Azotobacter; sowing complex

Impact of organic fertilizers from biogas plants on microbiological, physical and chemical properties of soil and crop growth

Biogas slurry; organic fertilizer; physiochemical properties; soil fertility; soil microbiome

Artificial Intelligence for Country’s Decarbonisation: Development of Roadmap Model

Sustainable Artificial Intelligence; Sustainability; Responsible Artificial Intelligence; Sustainable Development; Decarbonisation, Carbon Footprint

The green-coal paradox of Ukraine’s energy sector: causes and pathways to barrier-free renewable energy development

green-coal paradox; energy system; renewable energy; energy policy; low-carbon development; Ukraine

Development of new methods of controlling of antibiotic-resistant strains in the environment based on the associated biofilms formation

Antimicrobial resistance; associated biofilms; environmental safety; prediction method.

Ensuring of food security in the change climate conditions of on the basis of sustainable agricultural development and prevention of soil degradation

Irrigation; quality of irrigated water; irrigation salinization; chemical melioration; calculation of doses of ameliorant


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Conference “Agrarian Education and Scienece: Achievements and Prospects of Development”

Bila Tserkva 2023DEAR COLLEAGUES!We invite you to take part in the ІV International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to distinguished scientists S.P. Vasylkivskyi and M.Y. Molotskyi, founders of wheat and[…]

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New paper published! Inactivation of anti-nutrients in soybeans via micronization

The soybean (Glycine max) is used as one of the main protein sources in various animal fodders. However, the presence of anti-nutrients significantly reduces the nutritional value of the bean.Therefore,[…]

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Special Issue “Economic Transformations, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Development” 

Dear Colleagues,  Humanity is entering a phase of transitioning to new socio-economic formations that are now taking place within Industries 4.0 and 5.0. Recent trends in human capital development, such[…]

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