The 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference for Young Researchers

The 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference for Young Researchers (MCYR) is focused on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and supporting the next generation of researchers on key topics under this year’s sub-theme:

“Resilience in the Face of Global Challenges”.

Aim of the conference

The MCYR conference aims to provide a platform for early career researchers with opportunities for engaging in discussions across various disciplines to showcase their research. Our primary goals are to offer a podium for researchers to present their work, foster an environment for informal, in-depth feedback, and facilitate networking opportunities, enabling participants to establish connections with professionals and institutions in their respective fields.

The MCYR 2024, organized by the Biogas Research Team (Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) in collaboration with the AgriSciences Platform, will be held in a hybrid format, accommodating both in-person and virtual participation. This format allows participants from around the world to engage and join the discussion.

For a sneak peek of the MCYR 2023, visit our YouTube.

Scientific sessions

  • Society and Culture
    Explores the intersection of human societies and cultural dynamics, including medicine, social psychology, gender studies, urban development, etc.
  • Plants and Agriculture
    Focuses on agrobiology, agricultural practices, and food security. Discussions will revolve around sustainable agriculture practices and their role in ensuring a stable food supply, crop science, and the impact of climate change on agriculture.
  • Animals and Ecology
    Delves into the study of animals and their habitats, emphasizing animal behaviour, ecology, veterinary medicine, and wildlife conservation.
  • Technology and Innovation
    Examines the latest advancements in technology across various fields. Topics will include renewable energy, artificial intelligence, data science, and how innovation can address global challenges.
  • Climate and Sustainability
    Addresses climate science and sustainability, emphasizing solutions and strategies to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development.

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