Call for grants for Multidisciplinary research teams

1. Project title

  • Project title is the text item containing maximum 256 characters. It can contain both
    letters and numbers or special characters. The title starts with capital letter and is not ended
    by dot (.). Do not use abbreviations in the title. Project title should reflect the expected

2. Name and surname of the main project co-ordinator

3. Email

4. Key words

  • Indicate maximum six key words which are separated by semicolon (;). Key word
    might be composed of more words. Do not use abbreviations as key words.

5. Summary of the project proposal (annotation)

  • Summary is the text item about the maximal size of 250 words. It might contain both
    letters or numbers or other special characters. The summary should reflect the nature of the

6. Subject areas of the project

  • Indicate the subject areas which are addressed by the project (selected subject areas
    must sufficiently reflect the nature of the project). There must be indicated at least one
    subject area of the project implementation.
    • Waste of war
    • Deforestation as a consequence of war
    • Disturbance of ecosystems
    • Air and water pollution
    • Consequences of lost access to water sources (Black Sea)
    • Polluted soils – what effects it will bring?
    • Biodiversity losses
      Migration and its effects on agrarian sector

7. Objectives of the project

  • The length of the item “Objectives of the project” should be 200 words maximum.

8. Multidisciplinary research team

  • The members of the multidisciplinary research team have to describe his/her position
    in the team (main coordinator, co-researcher) and his/her relation (affiliation) to one of the
    universities within the AgriSciences Platform (Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy State
  • University, State Biotechnological University (SBTU), Dnipro State Agrarian-Economic
    University and Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) and their status (PhD. student,
    staff, master’s degree student, bachelor’s degree student) and working unit or department
    where the person studies/works. The length of the research team chapter is 500 words
  • This call is intended for the newly created Multidisciplinary research groups or those
    previously created within the AgriSci-UA project, which involve members from at least 2
    universities of the platform.

9. Budget

  • Use the budget table to fill in the budget. The numbers of the budget must be filled in
    EUR. The maximum amount to be requested is 1,100 EUR.

10. Rationale (explanation) of project budget

  • Specify and explain in concrete details the required amounts of money for individual
    working units. The remuneration and scholarships break down into the names of participating
    researchers according to individual working units participating in the project.

11. The overview of the state-of-art

  • Describe the current situation in the field (literature review). Maximum 1,000 words.

12. Methods used

  • Clearly describe methods used (data collection, data analysis, experiments).
    Maximum 1,000 words.

13. Time schedule of the projects (Timetable)

  • Provide clear timetable of the project, which can be trackable.
  • Maximum length of the project is 12 months.

14. Project benefits (contribution of the project) and planned project outcomes

  • Describe contribution of the project and planned outcomes (this should involve at
    least one scientific contribution submitted to the WoS/Scopus indexed journal with the
    following dedication: “We are thankful to the Czech Development Cooperation support, which allowed this scientific cooperation to start.”). As well as submission of draft of scientific paper by 15.12.2024 to the email:

15. Overview of the literature used

  • Provide all used references.

Call for grants for Multidisciplinary research teams

  • 1 st September – Call for proposals
  • 25 th November – Deadline for the 1st round applications
  • 27 th November – Announcement of the results

Send filled proposal to till 25.11.2023

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