Workshop 4: Communicating Science: How to effectively promote your work as a young researcher

AgriSciences Platform partner for Workshop 4 during Tropentag 2021!

We invite you to the Tropentag 2021 conference and to join there also our workshop: 

Organisers: YPARD – Young Professionals for Agricultural Development
AGRINATURA: The European Alliance on Agriculture Knowledge for Development
AGRISCI-UA: The AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine

Contact: Glindys Virginia Luciano (YPARD) or Stacy Hammond PhD. (YPARD Europe)
Date: Tuesday, 14/09/2021, 14:00 – 17:00 h (CEST)


The focus of this workshop is to provide young researchers in agrisciences with the tools needed to be successful in science communication. The field of science communication emphasizes the importance of raising awareness, educating and informing the research community and general public on science-related topics, through means of accessible yet credible writing and speaking. In a time where “fake” news roams freely in social media platforms which are increasingly becoming the main source of information for the general public, science communication skills are crucial to ensure that science generated knowledge is accessible to the general public while ensuring that science-backed related news becomes more visible.

Main purpose of the workshop:
To provide concrete knowledge, skills, and best practices in science communication for young researchers in agrisciences and sustainable food systems.

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