Upgrading the laboratory base in cooperation with the Czech University of Life Sciences

As part of the implementation of joint research projects with Biogas Research Team (group leader – Associate Professor Dr. Hynek Roubík) of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic) received a mini grants funded by the Czech government through the grant platform AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine, which is involved in research activities of the research association (circle of young scientists, PhD students and students) “Experiment in ecology and environmental protection technologies”, forming at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies, the head of which is Dr. Yelizaveta Chernysh.

Thus, new laboratory instruments were purchased: TVE-0,3-0,01 laboratory scales, XS-5520 biological microscope with video camera, BV-20 water bath, magnetic stirrer, laboratory mill, portable pH-meter, other materials for microbiological research. In addition, to analyze the composition of biogas, produced in the laboratory biogas plant is used ATEX gas analyzer Geotech BIOGAS 5000 and combustible gas detector Testo 316 Ex, which have been put to long-term use by the Biogas Research Team to support research activities.

We are very pleased with our fruitful cooperation with our Czech partners, who also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for participation in the activities of the International Innovation and Application Center “Aquatic Artery” between partner organizations of the Consortium and are actively involved in the development of Ukrainian-Czech cooperation.

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