United24: The initiative of the President of Ukraine

UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by assigned ministries to cover the most pressing needs: 




People from all over the world have united in their will to help Ukraine. We appreciate everyone’s support! The UNITED24 goal is to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution. The Official platform protects you from delays, intermediaries, and fraud.

UNITED24 was launched on May 5th.

For the first week of the UNITED24 platform’s work, thanks to your support, $26,510,285.00 was transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine accounts. In addition, another $735,673 was raised through the partnership foundation in the USA Ukraine House. $362,379 was raised in cryptocurrency through the payment company Whitepay. These funds will be transferred to the accounts of the NBU in the nearest time.

Find more information or donate HERE.

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