New paper published! Inactivation of anti-nutrients in soybeans via micronization

The soybean (Glycine max) is used as one of the main protein sources in various animal fodders. However, the presence of anti-nutrients significantly reduces the nutritional value of the bean.

Therefore, to solve this problem, the present work is devoted to the inactivation of the anti-nutrients in soybeans by the use of micronisation as a means of thermal treatment.

The purpose of the work is to improve the process of soybean micronisation by determining the impact of the process parameters on the soybean’s quality and energy performance, namely – the urease activity and specific energy consumption.

The obtained and studied functional dependencies of the quality and energy indices on the technological factors of the soybean micronisation allow one to improve this process and technical means for its implementation in reducing the anti-nutrient content.


Zubko V., Plavynska S., Plavynskyi V., Plavynska O., Saienko A., Roubík H. (2022): Inactivation of anti-nutrients in soybeans via micronisation. Res. Agr. Eng., 68: 157–167.


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