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Objectives of the project

The main objective of this project is to create a new of controlling of antibiotic-resistant strains in the environment based on the associated biofilms formation.

Firstly, the project will focus on the on the selection of prevailing antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms in various environmental objects, people and animals.

Secondly, we will create of database with the results of microbial community.

Thirdly, project will study the relationship between the microorganisms in different association and their ability to form biofilms.

Fourthly, this project will be focus to develop a new method of prediction through using the previous results.

Key words: Antimicrobial resistance; associated biofilms; environmental safety; prediction method.

Multidisciplinary research team composition:

Main coordinator – Anastasiia Konieva – PhD student of second year, Public Health Department, Academic and Research Medical Institute, Sumy State University (specialty “Biology”); doctor at Sumy Regional Children’s Hospital. +380951160512

Co-researcher 1 – Aliyona Bogatko – PhD student of first year, Department of Veterinary and Sanitary Examination, Hygiene of Livestock Products and Pathanatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University (specialty “Veterinary hygiene, sanitation and examination”). +380961439473

Co-researcher 2 – Valeriia Konovalenko – bachelor student of second year, Faculty of Agrotechnologies and Nature Resource Management, Sumy National Agrarian University (specialty “Biotechnology and bioengineering”); laboratory assistant of Department of Biotechnology and Phytopharmacology, Sumy National Agrarian University. +380962423778

Supervisor – Oleksandra Berhilevych – D. Vet. S., Prof. of Public Health Department, Academic and Research Medical Institute, Sumy State University. +380996434921

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