CZU statement on the situation after the Russian army invaded the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine.

The Czech University of Life Sciences is observing with concern the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine. Therefore, recent events have led the leaders of CZU and its components to make this joint statement.

CZU is convinced that controversial issues between sovereign states must be resolved through mutual dialogue, negotiations, and diplomacy, not through disinformation, demonstration of force, and military aggression. It is the first-mentioned solution that is in line with the values of humanity and also forms the basis of the functioning of universities. Students from 115 countries, many of whom are from Ukraine and the Russian Federation, are currently studying at CZU.

CZU is ready to provide targeted assistance to students and academics affected by the development without their efforts. At the same time, CZU will strive for further development of cooperation with partner universities in Ukraine (there are currently 13).

Intensive discussions are already taking place in the CZU leadership and across Czech universities about the exact form of cooperation with Ukrainian universities and the form of support for disabled students and academic staff. In any case, CZU remains on the side of defending the freedom and democracy of sovereign Ukraine.

On behalf of the management of CZU and its components

Prof. Ing. Petr Sklenička, CSc.


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