AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine

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The AgriSciences Platform (AgriSci-UA) is partnering with YPARD Europe

We are happy to announce our new partnership with YPARD (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development).

YPARD is an international movement for young professionals. YPARD operates as a network in 72 countries through its chapters. This multi-stakeholder platform’s main mission is to serve as a collective global network that enables young professionals to realize their full potential and contribute proactively towards innovative and sustainable agricultural development. 

Through the partnership with YPARD Europe, there can be expected further promotion of agricultural sciences among young professionals and further enhancement of quality of AgriSciences research as well as the exchange of information, exchange of stories, cross-posting and sharing of relevant contributions and information. All of which can lead to a bigger impact and can connect more young researchers, professionals and practitioners. 

YPARD Europe has been fostering youth engagement in sustainable food systems and agriculture in 20 countries in Europe. Collaborating with the AgriSciences Platform will be a great step in supporting young professionals and early career researchers in Ukraine and the surrounding region, says Dr. Libuška Mercl, YPARD Europe coordinator. By sharing relevant information we can transfer valuable knowledge between young people in agriculture and enable them to shape sustainable agricultural systems which is one of the core objectives of YPARD, adds Dr. Mercl. 

I am very happy about this partnership, as YPARD Europe is the next logical step for the AgriSciences Platform to reach a bigger audience and playing a more prominent role in the field of AgriSciences,” says Dr. Hynek Roubík, founder of the AgriSciences Platform and Group leader of Biogas Research Team at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic. “I can´t wait on all the mutual benefits this partnership is creating,” closes Dr. Roubík. 

Stay tuned to hear more about the new AgriSciences Platform and YPARD Europe partnership! 

 Picture credit: YPARD Europe

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