Mykolayiv National Agrarian University

Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

(Ukrainian: Mykolaivskyi natsionalnyi ahrarnyi universytet) is a university of agricultural education and research in Mykolayiv, Ukraine, established in 1984.

Mykolayiv National Agrarian University has 12 educational buildings with a total area of 89,731 square meters, including 69,237 square meters of educational and laboratory premises, five dormitories, and 2,045 hectares of arable land. The university has a Science Park “Agroperspectiva”, which is used both for the educational process and for production activities on agricultural land. The structure of the university includes six research institutes, Scientific-educational-production Consortium “Southern”, National Innovation Cluster “Soil fertility” and seven faculties which have ten problem-solving laboratories, and seventeen educational and consulting departments in the raions of the Mykolayiv oblast, which have their premises and the necessary equipment for conducting the educational process.

Faculties and Institutes

The Accounting and Finance Faculty provides courses related to accounting and taxation, finance, banking, insurance and other issues related to the agrifood complex by educational degrees “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, and “Master”. The Faculty was established in 2004. The Dean of the Faculty is Oleksandr Bilichenko.

The Faculty of Management provides courses related to management, public management, economics, public administration, hotel and restaurant business, tourism, and computer science by educational degrees “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, and “Master”. The Faculty was established in 2009. The Dean of the Faculty is Olena Shebanina.

The Faculty of Engineering and Energy provides courses related to agroengineering, power engineering, electrical engineering, electromechanical, agricultural production, processing of agricultural products, and food technologies by educational degrees “Vocational education” “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, and “Master”. The Faculty was established in 1987. The Dean of the Faculty is Karine Gorbunova.

The Faculty of Agricultural Technologies provides courses focusing on agriculture, rural development and the sustainable management of natural (land) resources by educational degrees “Vocational education” “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, “Master” and PhD. The Faculty was established in 1984. The Dean of the Faculty is Antonina Drobytko.

Faculty of Technology of Production and Processing, Animal Husbandry Products, Standardization and Biotechnology provides courses focusing on food technologies, information and measurement technologies, biotechnology, bioengineering veterinary medicine by educational degrees “Vocational education” “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, “Master” and PhD. The Faculty was established in 1984. The Dean of the Faculty is Mykhailo Ghil.

Faculty of Culture and Education was established in 2004 to involve young men and women studying at various faculties in public, cultural and political life of the university and Mykolayiv oblast by creating communication channels between the rector and student self-government bodies, student trade union organization, youth public associations of the university, community, and business. The Dean of the Faculty is Nataliya Sharata.

The Educational-Scientific-Practical Centre aims to provide practical training for students, conducting scientific research by graduate students and scientists, carrying out scientific and industrial activities, which are technologically related to the process of training specialists in agriculture and other branches of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, production of reproduction seeds, processing and sale of agricultural products, provision of services, the performance of works on the production of agricultural products. The Deputy Director of the Centre is Mykola Karpenko.

The Scientific Institute of Innovative Technologies was established for the development of innovative activities of the university and the improvement of the level of effectiveness and competitiveness of the educational, scientific-research, production-economic, personnel-intellectual, international, cultural-educational and image activities of the university.

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