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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS; (CzechČeská zemědělská univerzita v Praze), ČZU; also Czech University of Agriculture in Prague) is a university of agricultural education and research in Prague, the Czech Republic, established in 1906.

Faculties and Institutes

  • The Faculty of Economics and Management provides courses related to the management of agricultural companies, and the management and economics of rural and non-urban businesses, including finance, banking, insurance, IT, trade, rural and regional development and other issues related to the agrifood complex. Since 2014, the Dean of the Faculty has been Martin Pelikán.

  • The Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources provides courses related to traditional fields of crop and animal production, natural resources and the environment. Since 2010, the Dean of the Faculty has been Pavel Tlustoš.

  • The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences provides courses related to forestry, game management, and the timber industry. The Faculty works on theoretical and applied research in the field of forestry, wood industry and management of wild animals. Since 2011, the Dean of the Faculty has been Marek Turcani.

  • The graduates of the Faculty of Engineering are industrial engineers who work with technology, machinery and manufacturing equipment for use in agriculture, market gardening, forestry and other related industries. Since 2009, the Dean of the Faculty has been Vladimir Jurca.

  • The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences (formerly named Institute of Tropics and Subtropics) provides courses focusing on tropical agriculture, rural development and the sustainable management of natural resources in the tropics. Since 2013 the Dean of the Faculty has been Jan Banout. The Faculty was established in 2013 by the transformation of the Institute of tropics and subtropics (ITS).

  • The Institute for Education and Consultancy is an independent pedagogical and scientific institution specialising in agricultural and forestry training and providing consultant services.

  • The Department of Physical Education is an independent department of the Czech University of Agriculture and provides physical training to students.

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