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Investigation of the process of soil compaction by wheels of tractors working in the fields

The research group is working on the problem of studying soil compaction by the wheels of tractors and agricultural machines. At the moment, he is actively working on collecting scientific information and presenting it at conferences. Information on the condition of the soil and its properties is collected for further more detailed research. The main regions for research work are Sumy and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine

Key words:

Tractor wheels; soil compaction; soil density; crop yield.

Multidisciplinary research team composition:

Oleksandr Solarov, main coordinator, Sumy National Agrarian University, PhD, associate professor, Department of Tractors, agricultural machines, and transport technologies, Engineering-Technological Faculty, Herasima Kondratieva St, 160, Sumy, Sumska oblast, Ukraine (

Hynek Roubík, co-researcher, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, PhD, associate professor,  Department of Sustainable Technologies, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, Kamýcka 129, Prague – Suchdol 16500, Czech Republic (

Mikola Gasarenko, co-researcher, Kharkiv National Agrarin Universitry name V.Dokuchyev, PhD, associate professor, Department of Technical Supply of Agroindustrial Production. Kharkiv region, Kharkiv district, “Dokuchaevske – 2” (


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