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Objectives of the project

The main objectives of the project include: 1) to systematize the factors that caused the emergence of the green-coal paradox in the energy system of Ukraine; 2) to analyse foreign experience in balancing the energy system in conditions of the rapid growth of the green electricity share in the country’s final energy consumption; 3) to investigate the causes of disparities in the development of renewable energy technologies in Ukraine; 4) to estimate the economic efficiency of using renewable energy resources, which have a significant resource potential in Ukraine, and the generation of electricity based on which is relatively stable (particularly landfills biogas); to investigate pathways to barrier-free renewable energy development in the context of global and local threats to the operational security of Ukraine’s energy system.

Key words: green-coal paradox; energy system; renewable energy; energy policy; low-carbon development; Ukraine

Multidisciplinary research team composition:

The project team consists of researchers from Sumy State University and Sumy National Agrarian University, who conduct research in renewable energy, energy policy, energy economics, low-carbon economies, sustainable development, environmental policy, etc.

The main coordinator of the project is Tetiana Kurbatova (Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer of Economic Relations, Sumy State University). She has significant experience in implementing research projects in the above fields, publications in peer-reviewed international journals, including journals of the 1st and 2nd quartiles, h-index Scopus ‒ 7.

Co-researchers Yevhenii Hyrchenko and Yaroslavna Romaniuk (post-graduate students at Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management, Sumy State University), whose dissertation research are relevant to the proposed project. They have scientific publications, including in journals and proceedings indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, experience in implementing research projects, participation in international scientific conferences, etc.

Co-researcher Сarolina Lytovchenko is a third-year student of the Economics and Management Faculty, Sumy National Agrarian University. Her scientific interests are related to using renewable energy resources in the agricultural sector.

Given the above, both the main coordinator and other members of the project team have sufficient scientific potential to implement the project at a high-quality level.

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