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Sustainable development policy: EU Countries Experience

Our team plans to analyze the strategies of sustainable development of the EU, to determine the main indicators of social, economic, and environmental development, taking into account the European experience.

The aim of the project is to acquire knowledge about the best modern European models for solving problems of sustainable development in rural areas (a balanced combination of economic, social, environmental components of life in rural areas).

We plan to publish an international monograph, which will contain the results of research by scientists on the selected topic and a scientific article on the international database Scopus.


Sustainable development, economic component, ecological component, a social component, European experience, rural areas

Multidisciplinary research team composition:

  • Stoyanets Nataliya (main coordinator) doctor of economic science, Professor at Мanagement department, Sumy National Agrarian University(Ukraine).

  • Iryna Koshkalda (co-researcher) Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Land Administration and Cadastre in Dokuchayev Kharkiv National Agrarian University (Ukraine).

  • Pimonenko, Tetiana (co-researcher) Doctor of Economic Sciences, Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing, Deputy Director of the Oleg Balatsky Institute for Finance, Economics and Management for International Affairs, Sumy State University (Ukraine).

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