AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine

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Kharkiv National Agrarian University (KNAU)

is the oldest agrarian university in Ukraine which was founded in 1816 and specialising in managing/providing education and research.

It promotes formal and non-formal education and activities within the framework of Bologna Process enhancing European orientation in Ukraine with believing that the richness of the European Union lies in the cultural diversities of its member. KhNAU mainly oriented on the education of rural youth and working with rural communities, as well as on scientific research, in the field of sustainable rural development. Presently, there are 6 faculties in the structure of university: Agronomy, Forestry, Management and Economic, Accounting and Finance, Plant Protection and Land Surveying. For years, KhNAU trying to support and encourage international (intercultural) dialogue and share the knowledge. In addition, KhNAU collaborates with many Ukrainian and foreign public educational and scientific institutions.

KhNAU boasts a consolidated experience as a sending, intermediary and hosting organisation within the framework of the different European projects.

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