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Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University (DSAEU)

was established in 1922 and the University is among TOP-10 in agricultural education of Ukraine. There are 7 faculties and 6 colleges, 17 directions of education for Bachelor and Master levels, 9 PhD courses and 4 post-doctors courses at the University. About 8 thousands of students study and more then 400 teachers work there.

Faculties and Majors:

– Faculty of Agronomy (Agronomy; Landscaping);

– Faculty of Biotechnology (Livestock Production and Processing Technologies; Water Bioresources

  and Aquaculture);

– Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Medicine; Quality and Safety of Foodstuff);

– Engineering Faculty (Agricultural Engineering; Food Storage and Processing);

– Faculty of Water Engineering and Ecology;

– Institute of Economics (Management; Marketing; Public Administration; Accounting and Taxation;

  Finance and Banking).

The University has the opportunities for students’ training. There are some experimental fields and good links with companies and farmers. The University develops partnership with local rural communities and the local government due extansion service and consulting. University’s teams took part in 3 TEMPUS projects, NATO collaboration program, Erasmus+ KA107 program and joint projects with Canada, Algeria, EU countries, and the USA that is the sufficient background for further development of international cooperation.

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