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Biological and ecological features of Ginkgo biloba L. cultivation and development of prophylactic medicines and functional nutrition from extracted organic leaves of the investigated species for improving the health of people living in metropolitan areas

As of today, one of the global problems for humanity is the depletion of agricultural land. First of all, this is due to a significant increase in the population on Earth, and accordingly, the need for intensive development of the food industry. Modern manufacturers increasingly pay attention to healthy food. Plants that exhibit a variety of phytotherapeutic effects play their role here, as they can be used as biologically active additives.

Ginkgo biloba in this aspect is a plant of great importance in the world. However, by analyzing a significant part of scientific publications, considering the need to increase the soil fertility and productivity of plantations of the studied species, while optimizing the territory, it is necessary to continue the research.

Degree of completion. New methods have been improved and developed for fulfilling the planned aim. In particular, the next features have been improved: the influence of soil conditions on the productivity of leaf surface and the content of flavonoids in the studied species;- the establishment of the area for harvesting seeds to create a high-yielding, organic plantation for the purpose of harvesting the leaves of the species under study;

– seed potential of Ginkgo biloba and sowing rate.

Key words:

Ginkgo biloba; ecology; medicine; extracted; organic; seed

Multidisciplinary research team composition:

Roman Yaroshchuk – main coordinator;

PhD in Agricultural Sciences;

Assistant professor of garden-parking and forestry department;

Sumy National Agrarian University.


Svitlana Zherdetska – co-researcher;

PhD in Agricultural Sciences;

Assistant of garden-parking and forestry department;

Sumy National Agrarian University.


Roman Vaskin – co-researcher;

Associate Professor;

PhD on Engineering Sciences, Docent;

Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies;

Sumy State University.

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